The World Chaos

The World Chaos

Economic experts are expressing a growing concern that fiscal chaos now unfolding could soon spread to all of the world’s big debtor economies. It begins to appear that such chaos could quickly bring the entire world into a state of economic paralysis. A glance at the economic map is most distressing. The world is aware that the Unites State’s economy is in deep trouble due to fiscal irresponsibility and mismanagement. The US debt load is unsustainable, and will get worse unless the US government can back away from the edge of the precipice very soon. Canada has a large national debt, occasioned largely by its health insurance program. Europe’s economy is a mess. Several nations are tottering on the brink of total economic collapse. Present rumors indicate that the Euro is in real danger of total collapse, and that will ruin the economies of most of the European continent. Not long ago some were suggesting that the Euro could become the basic sustaining medium of exchange for world business, replacing the US dollar. It is now obvious that the Euro has suddenly and seriously become much the weaker of the two currencies. The two largest economies in Latin America, Brazil and Mexico, are both in serious financial distress. Even China appears to be in trouble. Admittedly, the Chinese do all they can to keep their true situation confidential. It now appears, however, that the per capita debt of China at the present time could actually exceed that of the USA. Russia’s economy is very weak. Put that all together and you have a world tottering on the brink of total economic chaos.

What is the cause? Social democracy. Governments, in an attempt to buy votes, as they practice democracy, have given to the common man an excess assortment of “entitlements.” Once a large population is given something free, it is extremely reluctant to relinquish that benefit. But such benefits must be paid for. Governments have been guilty of granting entitlements that are not sustainable by the national economy. This is exactly what has happened to Greece, is happening in Ireland, and is spreading to other European countries. There is little hope of reversing this disease. A society that is burning the candle at both ends is sure to come to eventual economic distress. This is a product of man’s misguided politics intertwined with the realities of democracy.

What will world leaders ultimately do? The major economies of the world are entrapping themselves in the situation we have described here, with no way out. Reduction of entitlements leads to violence and serious objection by the electorate. As national economies fail – if they do – they turn to one another for help, as Greece and Ireland have already done with respect to the European economic union. But those sources of assistance are limited. Each gift to a weak economy weakens the giver. Ultimately, there will be no more candy in the bowl. What then? It is logical to assume that world leaders in the distress they will then be in, will be forced to consider a single world currency underlying a single world economy. Since that vast world economy must be carefully managed, it will, defacto, be a single world government. This is exactly what is foretold in prophecy, especially Daniel 7. The world will be ruled as a single entity, for a time, through economic bondage that will include “the mark of the beast.” The world will likely not be brought into subjection to a single ruler via military conquest, but rather via economic control. We are rapidly racing toward the point where this central authority and central control will become the ultimate and only alternative for human economic chaos.

The fact is that man in his sin cannot govern himself effectively. God is allowing the present course of human events so that the world, as it practices according to its own lusts, will reach the ultimate point of failure and concern that will likely lead to a single, centralized, human authority. And when that single human authority falls under the control of one wicked leader, that leader will be the man of sin. He will appear at the beginning of Israel’s 70th week (Daniel 9) and the beginning of the tribulation. His reign will be brief, chaotic, cruel. He will come to his end at the hands of the Christ of Glory.

It is remarkable that the events of just the last couple of years is so clearly foreshadowing the one world government that will form in the name of “globalism.” Since Scripture is clear that the day of grace will end, and the true church called home to Heaven before the tribulation begins, how clearly these events should arouse Christians to the reality that we will be called home to Heaven now at any moment. Are you ready to go? Are you ready for the judgment seat of Christ? Are you ready to meet Him who purchased you with His blood and is your Lord and Savior?

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